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Using Home Security to Get Insurance Discounts

  • January 19, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

Becoming a homeowner is considered a great achievement in most societies. Indeed, it takes a lot of financial stability to be able to make periodical mortgage payments for the next few decades. Besides that, there is the cost of insurance, which is sometimes pointed as one of the main barriers to homeownership. However, what many people forget to take into account is that there exist various ways to cut insurance premiums such as by installing a home security system. This article discusses how to get discounts from home insurers.

Why install a home security system?

Because it is designed to offer you and your family a great level of protection, and convince your home insurer that you won’t make them lose money via multiple claims related to burglary events. Home security systems feature sensors that are immediately triggered once the unauthorized presence of a person inside the property is detected. These systems come with a number of features designed to address the specific needs of homeowners such as a quick signal emission in the case of an alert. Security Doctors, offers 24/7 monitoring services to their customers so that when their security system is breached or detects abnormal activity, a signal is sent to a team of remote operators who then contact the local police department.

Why do insurers love home security systems?

For home insurers, homeowners who equip their houses with alarm systems are the “ideal” policyholders in a sense that to the overall risk that is associated to such persons is low. Home insurance premiums are calculated depending on a number of factors such as the type of policy and the location of the property. This explains why the policyholders who live in unsafe neighborhoods are assessed higher premiums than those who live in safe ones. Living in an area that is prone to crime will increase the likelihood of burglary attempts, which will lead to more claims to review for the insurer. Although insurers mitigate this risk by charging more for their coverage, they generally prefer to deal with customers who use private security services. This is why they are willing to offer discounts to both existing and prospective policyholders whose home is well secured.

Installing a home security system will help you generate a lot of money savings each year. So don’t wait any longer and contact us to learn more about our products!


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