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Use Home Security Signs Correctly

  • July 30, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

Home security signs inform burglars that home security companies in chicago came by and installed a security system. A security sign brings awareness to criminals about what to expect inside. Since burglars like to enter and exit quickly, they usually skip homes with home security due to it being an obstacle in their way.

With security signs, it’s all about position. Placing a sign in the correct space makes sure everyone watching knows what to expect upon entering.

  • A sign near the road gets the most visibility. Position the sign in the area with the heaviest traffic. Next, the chosen area needs good lighting day and night. Finally, place signs 10 feet away from the road. Otherwise, the sign is in direct violation of the law.
  • Height is vital. Make signs eye level so everyone walking or driving by can see it. Lawn signs are between 12-18 inches off the ground. Any signs too high and the wind will knock it over. Any signs too low and the grass will grow tall enough to cover the words.
  • Having more than one security sign is welcome. Set one sign on the front lawn and another sign sticking to the window. Good places for security signs are first floor windows, outdoor walls, fences, curbs of driveways, front lawn, and near entrance ways.

A security sign without home security equipment is a temporary solution. Without an actual home security system in place, criminals will easily figure out the ruse. Experienced criminals scope out the place for proof through your daily routine and installed home security devices. Some criminals will even call your bluff and take the chance to rob your home. Alternatively, desperate criminals don’t care about security signs and will take a chance anyway, forcing you to take action. Another common occurrence, inside jobs, is about a familiar face stealing your belongings. The trusted person saw the interior and devised a plan to enter and exit quickly around security systems.

Security signs are a warning sign for criminals. However, we highly recommend using the home system in addition to the sign to back up the claims. For more information on home security, contact us.


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