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Top 3 Building Security Flaws

  • September 4, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

Do you feel that you have done enough to protect your facility or business? A lot of times, there are major security flaws in buildings that are not obvious right away. Criminals and thieves that are determined to break in spend a lot of time thinking of ways to do it. In order to fully protect yourself against crime, it is important to have every line of defense in order with business alarm system.

Implementing Natural Surveillance

The aesthetic of your property should be pleasing to the eye, but there are also some natural ways to deter criminals. The first place a person breaking in would look for is a hiding place to try to enter. Preventing this opportunity is possible by not adding unnecessary shrubbery, trees or fences that could be hid behind. All entrances, sidewalks, streets and doors should be visible. Keep any plants or walls at a low height so that a person can be visible anywhere near the entrance. There should be a clear view into the building and lit well at all times of the day and night.

Secure All Entrances and Know Your Personnel

A big mistake that many people make is assuming that a locked window is secure just because it is locked. If your building is lacking in security and a window, door or fence is broken, there could very easily be a theft. Some fences are able to be opened with certain tools that thieves are familiar with. Every person that enters the building should have a badge, ID or key and should be easily identified.

Hire a Trustworthy Security Company

When hiring security guards, there is a lot of room for human flaw that could affect your security. People are not perfect, therefore cannot be in many places at once. Hiring guards is a good method of defense, but you want to be sure the company is able to be trusted and that you hire as many security guards as you need. Pay close attention to the details when looking to hire a company that offers to secure your property.

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