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Top 10 Security Tips For Summer Travels!

  • July 9, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

Summer is here, and warmer weather is already upon us, and that means it’s time for weddings, graduations, vacations, and honeymoons. No matter what your travel plans are this season, make your flights a little smoother, adventures more exciting, and your travels a little safer with our top 10 security tips for your summer travels:

  1. Invest in home security companies that offer 24/7 monitoring services for the moment your home security system is triggered with trained operators that can quickly dispatch emergency responders to your house. Also, opt for companies that offer robust security platforms covering you in case of burglary, home invasion, fires, dangerous carbon monoxide levels, and medical emergencies, and offer convenient mobile security apps.
  2. Don’t broadcast your travel dates on social media! You’ve finally arrived, a bell-boy unloads your bags, and a nice man offers you a rum punch; it’s official, you’re in paradise. The air clings to your skin like a tight shirt, the breeze is salty and sweet, and your cares are miles behind you. You’ve worked like a dog all year for this vacation, and it’s finally here. It’s time for your stresses to melt away, and to let your skin smell like coconut oil and bananas. You’ve never been so excited to embark on a beach-filled vacay, and, obviously, you want to post your whereabouts on your favorite social media platform to let your friends know how jealous of you they are going to be for the next ten days. Refrain! Don’t invite burglars into your apartment or house while you’re away. Wait until you get back to post about paradise.
  3. Do blur the lines. Social media, for many of us, is like a best-friend, without it, we can’t function, much less have fun. So, in order to get your social media fix, and blur the lines on your whereabouts, post pictures with your girlfriends having a wine-tasting night at your crib, photos of your hubby mowing the yard, or a cute story of what your dog dug up last night. Keep all 300 of your friends guessing where you are, and what’s happening at your house.
  4. Pack lightly so you have less to lose. Most women will send out a big-fat “yeah right” to this one, but listen to this logic before you pack your entire wardrobe; the less you take, the less you have to carry around, the less you can lose, and the less you’ll have to pay at the baggage check. No one but you will notice if you wear the same flip-flops to the pool everyday, or if you paired those same jeans with a different top last night. Try packing your bag, then going back through and removing any duplicates. You probably won’t be getting that dirty, so you don’t need to worry about tons of backups either.
  5. Don’t leave anything in a rental car. Locals know exactly what the rental cars in the area look like, and even if you’re hopping out to snap a pic of a whale off the shore, your stuff is not safe in the car. The thieves that will be targeting tourists know exactly what to look for, and are willing to bet you’re carrying expensive cameras, cash, phones, and passports.
  6. Leave expensive jewelry at home in a safe. Any expensive jewelry that won’t be on your person at all times is not worth taking. Leaving it behind at the hotel, in your bags at a guest house, or in your carry-on baggage is just too risky! If you love it so much you can’t leave it, at least insure it before you travel.
  7. Protect your phone. Put passwords, and phone finding apps on your phone before you head to the airport, not only to ensure you can recover your phone if it’s misplaced, but to prevent identity thieves from breaking into your email, and from getting access to your passwords, contacts, and photos.
  8. Avoid tourist-traps for better food and for safety. Be suspect of restaurants that sit on piers, wharfs, or in any high traffic areas. They don’t rely on repeat business, therefore their prices are usually really high, and their food is sub-par, and any thieves that target tourists will know where the tourist hot zones are. So, before you fall for another too good to be true tourist trap, do a little research and scouting of eateries, markets, and cafes that the locals frequent to ensure more bang for your buck, a safer environment, and better food.
  9. Enlist a bestie to check up on your house while you’re away. Ask a friend or trusted neighbor to park in the drive-way for an hour, leave some random lights on, and check to make sure everything is still standing. Surprise your friend with their favorite magazine, movie, or box of chocolates, and ask them to enjoy it from your porch, or backyard.
  10. Make a mental commitment to have fun and relax. This is the most important tip for your summer-time travels. Don’t let your work-stress, family issues, or upcoming engagements cloud your bright blue vacation sky. Make a conscious effort not to discuss work, dwell on problems, or worry about issues you can’t fix.

Have fun in the sun, travel well, and be safe this summer! Please contact us to see how you can protect yourself, and your family from becoming a crime victim and secure the belongings you have worked hard for.


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