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The Weather is Warming Up, Be Prepared!

  • April 24, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

With the winter snow melted away it’s time to think about ways to protect yourself with the upcoming warm weather. Though the number of burglaries has been on a steady decline since the 1970’s it is still a major concern. Even with the decreasing numbers a burglary occurs every 14.4 seconds in the United States [source: Bureau of Justice Statistics]. With this statistic it’s time to make sure you keep unwanted intruders out of your home this upcoming season.

With springtime here it is a blast to go out and enjoy the crisp warming weather. You may enjoy a nice bike ride into town or a pleasant cruse around in your moped, but no need to display these beauties outside your home. Make sure you secure these items inside of your garage so no one can just walk away with your gems. It is also important not to leave any electronics boxes out by your trashcans. You may want to show off your brand new plasma screen TV but by leaving these boxes outside it tells people that you have a nice new expensive item inside. This might also intrigue them as to what other goodies you have in your home.

Most break-ins occur during the day when people are at work. It is important that when you leave your home it is safe and secure. Do not make it easy for someone to enter your home unwanted. Make sure there is no spare key hidden underneath your doormat and you have all windows and doors locked. Leaving these unlocked would make it as effortless for an intruder to enter as leaving your key in your front door. Be sure to install a lock on the door leading from the garage to inside too. Even if you have your garage door down it can still be opened easily. It would also be a good idea to create the illusion that someone is still home. Keeping the TV on or playing music can do this, and it would be helpful if there were a timed lighting system set up. Trimming your trees and shrubs near your home can be very helpful. Keeping shrubbery trimmed and neat makes it hard for burglars to hide undetected.

With warm weather comes summer vacations. It is important to prepare your home before you go on vacation. As we mentioned previously it is important to set up an automatic lighting system. Have a trusted person come to your home to pick up the mail, paper, and make sure things are in order. If you plan on being gone for more than a couple days you should let your local police know and they may drive by every now and then. Having a security system is a must and keeps your home protected even when you are at home. Another way to deter an intruder is to keep your home security system sign in your front yard. A big tip off that you are on vacation would be an overgrown lawn, make sure to continue your lawn system or set one up while you’re gone. A loud, unanswered phone can also tip someone off that you’re not home. A solution is to turn down that phone’s ringer.

Being prepared for the unwanted is very important. Enjoy this years beautiful weather with no worries by following these helpful tips and contact us with any home security questions.


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