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The Latest Innovations in Home Security & Alarm Systems

  • June 15, 2018
  • by Carlos Lopez

We can date the beginnings of home security to the 1870’s, when homeowners banded together to protect their lives and property. Succeeding years have seen home security improve in fits and starts with the introduction of new technologies like burglar alarms, security cameras, and motion detection. The last decade has been a time of explosive growth, and Security Doctors Illinois has helped homeowners take advantage of the latest and best home security technology. Here are some trends we find especially exciting.

Better Video

CCTV systems are still in common use. However, they’ve come a long way in the last few years. Grainy footage is being replaced by security cameras that use HD video monitoring. An onsite VHS recorder is being replaced by reliable high-capacity drives, or by offsite cloud storage. Best of all, modern security camera systems are smaller and far harder to detect, giving you indoor/outdoor coverage that’s as unobtrusive as it is effective.

Advanced Detection Systems

Older security systems relied on a breach — a broken window or a jimmied lock — to be set off. Window and door sensors still play their part in new home security systems, but now they have backup. Motion detection systems can be used indoors and out, alerting you to the presence of intruders. Other sensors can detect fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, temperature changes, or ruptures in your mains or indoor plumbing.

Home Automation

Most of us call domiotics by its more common names: home automation, or a smart house. It takes older technologies, like timers and programmable thermostats, and brings them into the modern era. By connecting them to the internet, these devices — smart thermostats, connected lighting, refrigeration, appliances, and much more — can be set and controlled from anywhere with internet or Wi-Fi. In addition, the smart home is also data-driven, giving its owners metrics that can help with everything from energy savings to security.

Home Security and the IoT

IoT is uniquely suited to home and personal security. The IoT, or Internet of Things, is the incorporation of smart and connected devices into many aspects of our everyday lives. We mention this separate from home automation — even though there’s some overlap between the two — because it also encompasses wearables (like medical alert devices), advanced vehicle recovery systems, pet tracking, geofencing, home security apps, and personal tracking devices for individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Home Monitoring

This is what ties together all of the above. You can’t always be at home. No matter how well-intentioned or diligent you may be, you may not have the time to assess a critical event and dispatch emergency services, especially if you’re far from home. 24/7 home monitoring is an added layer of protection that turns your home security system into something active rather than passive. That, in turn, gives you priceless peace of mind; there’s always someone to keep watch over you.

Professional Installation

This isn’t a “new” development, but it bears mention. That’s because as home security systems get more advanced, so too do the people who seek to subvert and exploit them. You can get a self-installed security system; that doesn’t mean you should.

One thing you’ve noticed if you’ve read this far is how much each of these innovations overlap with the others. That has its benefits, as we’ve hopefully shown. But it also has a downside.

The same IP systems that give you, and us, full-time monitoring of your system and your home can be vulnerable to attack if they’re not installed properly. Like us, you’ve probably heard stories of everything from car infotainment systems to baby monitors being vulnerable to hacking. No system is 100% hardened, but a professional installation can make it hard enough for the average hacker that they’d rather spend their time elsewhere. If you’re going to protect your home, your property, and — most importantly — your family, there’s neither reason nor excuse to leave this to chance.

Are You Ready for Home Security Innovations?

For assistance in securing your home the right way, and the smart way, contact the Chicago home security professionals at Security Doctors Illinois. We’ll help you just as we’ve helped many other business and homeowners over the years.


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