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The Key Things to Look For in a Condo Security System

  • November 26, 2014
  • by Carlos Lopez

Throughout Illinois there are a multitude of people who live in condominiums and apartments. Most of them are in need of a condo security system and are wondering what specifically they should be looking for in a system for their condo unit. We have put a lot of thought into this and have installed several security systems in condos statewide, and with that we have a few pointers on what you will need and how to get started with your condo security system.

Condo security: What Do You Need To Cover?

There are many different types of condo setups, so your needs really may vary based on your condo size and shape. If you have your own attached porch, yard or garage, then your needs will be different from someone who has a shared lobby, shared lawn, no garage and no porch. No matter, we can assess your situation and provide you with the best security system for your condo.

It is generally your condominium association who is in charge of security for the common areas, such as the lobby or entryway. It would be wise to find an apartment or condo that has a security system such as surveillance cameras and/or a security guard/ door person. If you already live in a building that does not have any security measures it would be a good idea to bring that up to your association. Your neighbors may want to join in on your quest for added security, so discuss it with them as well.

Security Tips For Condos

When it comes to condo security, you will want to focus on control of the access points, such as the front door or the screen door to the porch. Video cameras can be helpful by illustrating who is outside your door or window, and by showing anyone passing by that they will be monitored. Security systems can indicate a security breach instantly, and will inform the authorities. This features benefits are undeniable with the comfort it will give you wether you are home or away.

You’ll also want to focus on bringing light to any dark exterior corners where someone could be lurking. Timed lights and motion sensitive lights work perfectly here, to scare away intruders or just keep them away from the start.

To discuss condo security further, or to talk about other aspects of home security, contact us. Thank you!


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