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Selecting the Right Security Company to Protect Your Home

  • September 22, 2017
  • by Carlos Lopez

There are few decisions as important as choosing the security company that will look after your home. With plenty of options, weighing the pros and cons of each can seem overwhelming. After all, your peace of mind is on the line, and the safety and well-being of your home and family. While there are a lot of variables to consider, ultimately, it all comes down to trust.

Do you trust the people?

Some folks may start by reviewing the different hardware provided by various security companies. But here at Security Doctors of Illinois, our first concern has always been people, which is why, for 30 years, we’ve focused on hiring the best of the best here at our home security company. Together, our team has worked hard to create and maintain a “5-Diamond” Certified CSAA monitoring center. CSAA stands for Central Station Alarm Association, and they’re tasked with ensuring optimum central station performance levels. Our team meets strict quality standards, provides top-of-the-line customer service, and undergoes ongoing education and testing so we’re always up to speed.

While professional certifications are a great mark of trustworthiness, nothing’s quite as reassuring as praise from the folks you already trust in your life, like family and friends. Who do you know who uses a home security company? What has their experience been like? Do they trust their provider, or are they itching for their contract to end? When your head is swimming with internet reviews, you’ll be amazed at how reassuring actual word of mouth advice can really be.

Do you trust the equipment?

Once you have faith that the home security company you’re speaking to can be trusted with your home and safety, it’s time to investigate the actual home security system they’re offering. Is the equipment easy to use? A system that’s so difficult to arm that you end up setting it off yourself time and time again doesn’t do anyone any good. Before you know it, the members of your household will start ignoring the alarm, thinking it’s just another error. In this way, a difficult system undermines its own ability to keep you and yours safe and sound.

You also want something wireless. While wired lines may sound more secure, the telephone line is often the first thing to be cut by a burglar. A wireless system also delivers perks like real-time email and cell phone notifications, and the ability to interact with your security system via your smartphone. Lastly, make sure there’s a backup communication system in place in the event that the phone lines are down.

Do you trust the service?

Do you know who gets alerted when your alarm goes off? Your home security company. It’s imperative that the company you rely on provides 24/7 monitoring service. Our own monitoring center keeps track of burglary, fire, and carbon dioxide alarms in your home at all hours of the day and night. You need to know that the team you trust, the team you selected, is the team that will be on hand, and you need to know that they’ve always got your back.

If you’re trying to choose one of the security companies in Chicago to protect your home, we humbly suggest our own services. While we may be biased, we also have confidence in our ability to provide security service you can trust. Put Security Doctors of Illinois to the test. We won’t disappoint.


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