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Make Sure Your Business Security Company Offers Elevator Monitoring

  • February 6, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

Anything can happen when several strangers ride together in the small space of an elevator. If someone is having a bad day and the elevator doesn’t move fast enough, he or she may decide to take it out on the other passengers by becoming verbally or physically abusive. These passengers may in turn sue your company for inadequate security. As more people hear about the assault, it may cause them to avoid your business altogether.

One way to avoid the above scenario is to work with a business security company to install security cameras in your elevator. This allows your security staff to see exactly what is happening and to respond immediately.

Keep an Eye on Pranks and Malfunctions

Some people think it is funny to push the button for every floor in your building while riding the elevator. The prankster then leaves and inconveniences everyone who has to ride the elevator after him or her. By having a security camera in your elevator, you can catch the prankster in the act and disable his or her commands. This prevents your legitimate clients or customers from getting annoyed enough to take the stairs and never return to your company.

Because you are responsible for the safety of people riding in your elevator, it is crucial to monitor it closely for malfunctions. You can do this with the help of an elevator sensor, which is sensitive to even the slightest changes in how the elevator operates. This notifies you to fix the maintenance problem and prevent possible injuries.

Request a Free Security Consultation

Security Doctors serves commercial and residential property owners in Chicago and dozens of the surrounding communities. We encourage you to contact us to schedule an appointment for a free security consultation. At this appointment, our business security experts walk through your building to identify possible security vulnerabilities. We also pay close attention to your elevators and advise you on effective security for each one.


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