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How to Protect Your Home From Identity Theft

  • December 4, 2014
  • by Carlos Lopez

Identity theft is a crime that leaves its marks on people. Marks like ruined credit scores, sizable debts you didn’t acquire, and even criminal charges are all possibilities when someone steals your information and uses it for their own gain. While recovery from identity theft is difficult, preventing it from happening in the first place is actually much easier.

How to Protect Your Home From Identity Theft

The first thing you need to do is to control your information. While it seems obvious you shouldn’t post pictures of your debit card to your social media page, it should be just as obvious that your bank statements and other documents your identifying information appears on need to be either locked up or shredded. By the same token it’s important not to send your information via email to a source you don’t trust (or really at all if you can avoid it). Always check that you’re dealing with the people you think you are (bank managers, credit bureaus, etc.) before giving out your details.

It’s also important for you to monitor your finances and credit report. In the event there are irregularities you can report them quickly and minimize the damage that’s done. If you start seeing charges you didn’t make to your accounts, or your credit report details lines of credit you didn’t open, then it’s time to call the authorities post haste.

Is That All?

There is one other step that those who are seriously concerned about the safety and security of their identities can take; hire a company to monitor your information. Identity security is a service that lots of firms offer, and they will do the hard work of tracking and reviewing everything that’s done in your name to be sure that you authorized everything your social security number and bank accounts are attached to. These services can buy peace of mind, as well as the assurance that someone really is watching out for you and your identity in today’s fast-paced world.

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