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How Secure is Your Illinois Smart Home?

  • March 4, 2016
  • by Carlos Lopez

Using smart technology in a home can offer security and convenience, but only when the right steps are taken to make sure security cannot become compromised. What are the first places to look for in understanding the security of your smart home? We urge you to check:

1. Your WiFi security: It’s important to make sure your WiFi network is secure and password protected. There have been cases of hackers getting into networks, which have allowed them to unlock smart locks or change their PIN codes, tamper with smart thermostats, and even download and stream nanny cams inside the house. To make sure your WiFi network is safe, enable a firewall, set strong passwords to your network, and limit device access to your network.

2. Your phone’s security: If your phone is used to access other personal devices, it is important to make sure that it is secured. You should be prepared to secure all connected systems in the event that your phone is lost or stolen. In addition, you should not connect your phone to unsecured networks, since hackers can steal valuable information from your phone, or control your phone from a remote location.

3. Errors, updates, and challenges with the security device itself: Ask yourself these questions: What happens to the device if it is hooked up to your home’s power, but the power goes out? How frequently should you change the batteries, and how will you know when to do so? As devices and technology change, it’s important to be aware of how long your smart device will stay safe. Knowing how a company secures your data and what steps they take in the event something goes wrong will help you make sure that you’re choosing the best technology for your home.

Overall, it’s best to not rely on your smart devices. In the event that they do become compromised, having a trusted, professional Illinois home security system will help you, your family and your home stay safe. Contact us for a free professional consultation on security solutions.


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