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Home Security Tips for Protecting Your Senior Loved Ones

  • April 20, 2016
  • by Carlos Lopez

For many families, an aging relative home alone can be a cause of worry. Even though they can live completely independent lives, seniors are still likely targets for burglars or scam artists. The best way to make sure your family member stays safe is to provide educational home security and safety tips that will leave them protected and less vulnerable. Here are a few helpful ideas to keep in mind for your senior. 

Install a Home Security System

The first step to ensuring a safe home is to prevent and deter burglars from targeting or entering the home. Seniors can greatly benefit from a 24/7 security system that will help monitor activity in and around the home. You should also install motion-sensor lights that will illuminate the entire property and home when movement is detected. Video monitoring can be a great feature for senior homes as well.

Not only can a system deter and prevent a burglary, but our security plans can also include life safety devices as an extra level of protection and prevention. With carbon monoxide, gas leak, and fire detectors, we can help your loved ones defend themselves from invisible risks. We also provide a medical alert system, making it easy for seniors to receive fast, emergency response care with the push of a button.

For seniors with mobility issues, it’s important to make sure that the property is easy to navigate. From easy-to-open doors to wider sidewalks or ramps, addressing these structural changes can greatly reduce personal injury. And, with the right security features in place, these extra adjustments will deter a burglar from targeting your loved one.

Seek Out Community Support

Part of the reason many families encourage their older loved ones to move into a retirement home is for the community and support. However, living independently at home doesn’t mean that seniors can’t get the support or help they need.

Having a neighbor, friend, or local family member check up on your loved one can help support home security measures and make sure that they are safe. An active social network not only provides help and brings happiness to your senior, but the regular visits and activity will keep your senior from becoming a target.

Make sure that you reach out to your loved one’s neighbors and get their contact information. Neighbors can be a great help in sharing any relevant news about the neighborhood and can be on alert if they notice any mischief around the neighborhood. In addition, check to see where the closest community centers are. These centers usually provide resources, such as daily community activities or at-home visits. If possible, make sure that the home is close to public transportation, which can encourage your senior to get out and meet new and old friends. All of these options can help make your loved one feel supported and safe in and around their home.

Educate your Loved One

The best defense against scam artists or opportunists is to stay alert and vigilant. Your senior can greatly benefit from community news, police alerts, and senior-specific news that will alert them of new scams. For example, many seniors are tricked into providing personal information over the phone or at the door. By keeping abreast of new scams, you can help prevent your senior from falling prey to security threats.

Overall, staying safe at any age is important, especially for your older, independent loved ones. With the right tools and knowledge, you and your older family members can stay safe and secure. To receive the best security and support offered in Illinois, contact us. Not only will we secure your home, but we’ll also give you and your loved ones greater peace of mind.


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