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Home Security on a Budget

  • January 15, 2016
  • by Carlos Lopez

Illinois security companies offer various levels of home protection. Moreover, the cost scares many customers away. Is it possible to secure your home on a budget? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, but consult a professional, not a family member or a friend who educated in home security. We advise against do-it-yourself projects also because the product may not install or work properly. Choose us instead. We will provide the best home security package to fit any budget.

Home security signs are the most affordable. However, buy it with caution. We cannot stress this enough: home security signs do not take the place of home security. Therefore, add a few more items to the list along with home security signs: 

  • Motion activated lights near the front, side, and/or back entries
  • High-pitch alarm systems on windows and doors
  • Window glass-break detectors
  • Electronic locks on doors and windows
  • Security cameras with remote and wireless accessibility

You can also return to basics and install deadbolt locks, door latch, and/or keyless locks. Deadbolts are still the best door protection. Door latches along with deadbolts provide a second helping of security. Keyless locks are an even better option than traditional locks. Instead of handling keys that get lost, stolen, or break apart, keyless locks require a code.

Before you buy, consider a home assessment. A home assessment shows homeowners and us the vulnerable areas. Since each property has different vulnerable areas, it’s vital for home security to adapt to any environment. The neighborhood, points of entry, possible hideouts, road access, and home position to the road/sidewalks are a few reasons home assessments are necessary.  Strengthening those areas is critical. Likewise, strong areas need continued support. 

Don’t let finances stop you from buying home security protection. It is an investment. Placing a price tag for peace of mind provides useless boundaries instead of limitless possibilities. Live life without fear and make home security your main concern. For more information on home security, contact us.


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