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Home Security Companies Warn Homes Could be Hacked

  • March 16, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

WLS has done a study on criminals’ capability in hacking your home security. Families with automated homes are vulnerable to attack by hackers, they have found. A security researcher hacked into his own home’s security features to show WLS’ reporter not only how it is done, but how invisible the whole thing is. In other words, a home’s automated systems can be hacked without the family or home security companies being the wiser.

The Basics

It begins with a wireless signal. An anonymous thing, any wireless signal can be hacked into. Software exists that combs through passwords and hits on the right one. It only takes seconds, and they’re in. The researcher used a thermostat in his own home as an example of this back door entry, but the culprit could be something as simple as a landline wireless phone or the router on a cable box. The criminal hacks into the wireless signal. He then has the ability to turn off your lights, open the overhead garage door and a dozen other things.

One of those dozen other things is video cameras inside the home. These are the monitoring systems used to make sure the baby doesn’t crawl out of her crib, fall and hurt herself. These are the systems used to ensure the safe arrival of the kids off the school bus while you’re at work. You watch them enter the house safely from your smart phone or tablet. These work on wireless signals which can be breached. Some hackers broadcast such videos on the Internet, while others use them for breaking into your records online. Then the hackers return everything to their normal status, and they’re gone.

How You Can Help

The “Internet of Things” has developed because so many home systems are automated. Unfortunately, this leaves many families vulnerable to attack. One way of circumventing hackers is to not depend upon WiFi, but to program automated systems straight to the Internet. Experts told Tallahassee, Florida’s WCTV that certain systems not keyboard-connected will still be vulnerable, and to make sure you receive a signal if the system is knocked off the Internet. Another step homeowners can take is to devise the strongest passwords they can instead of simple “123s” and “ABCs”. The Florida report also noted that Hewlett-Packard did a study of this subject, returning the information that a simple smart phone can be the basis of multiple concerns. Since most automated systems are monitored or hooked into mobile phones, the greater concerns stem from that one small item.

Security Companies

Security Dr. IL offers 24/7/365 monitoring along with security, medical and life safety devices. If homeowners have concerns about hackers, the company is ready and quite capable of designing a security system that answers your needs. Our installation and monitoring professionals are exactingly tested and screened before they take the first phone call. You can sleep easily at night knowing your family’s security is in good hands when you contact us.


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