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Home Security: Characteristics that Increase your Odds of a Break-In

  • March 6, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

When it comes to home security, certain homes are more susceptible to break-ins than others are. Aside from the neighborhood you live in, the features of a home are largely what determines how likely it is to be broken into. Here are just a few that increase your risk significantly.


Landscaping that provides an easy place to hide in is attractive to burglars for obvious reasons. As such, tall bushes and trees next to your home’s foundation could be encouraging thieves. Another example of bad landscaping is plants or trees that allow people to move along your yard virtually unseen, such as a hedgerow.

On the other hand, landscaping can actually work to your advantage by deterring intruders. Thorny bushes near doors and windows are likely to keep people away, which is why planting roses along the front of your home is actually a good idea. Gravel or loose stone in your flowerbeds is likely to “crunch” when walked on, so thieves will likely avoid them altogether if they contain rocks.


Even with the right landscaping, intruders could still find plenty of places to hide if the exterior of your home is not well lit. Make sure there are no dark corners where people could hide in to gain access to your home. The areas around exterior doors and all first floor windows should be well lit, as these openings are how most burglars gain access.

Single Story Homes

The first place a burglar usually heads is to the master bedroom, because this is where cash and jewelry are normally kept. They typically do not go into a basement or upper story for fear of being trapped there if the homeowner returns. As such, they tend to avoid two-story homes, since the master bedroom is normally on the second floor, and getting to it is risky. For this reason, your risk of a break-in is much higher if you live in a single story home.

If your home has any of these risk factors, you may want to consider a security system to help protect it. To find out more, contact us.


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