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Holiday Home Security: Leaving Someone Else in Charge

  • December 4, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

We’re creeping up on the end-of-the-year holiday frenzy, Halloween blew by, Thanksgiving is over in a pumpkin-flavored whirl, and Christmas is done so fast you wonder if the Grinch really did run off with it. We all know it’s a great idea to have a friend or housesitter check on our homes while we’re away for the holidays, but you can maximize relaxation for you and your house-checker with these tips:

  1. Give them a home security system tutorial. Alarm systems can sometimes be intimidating to those who don’t use them often. Show them it’s no biggie by arming and disarming your alarm and letting them repeat the process. 
  2. Assure them that everyone has set off an alarm accidentally; it’s not the end of the world. Leave clear instructions on what to do if they accidentally set off the alarm.
  3. Ideally your house-checker can use your wireless keychain remote to arm and disarm your alarm. If your keychain is unavailable, make sure they keep your alarm code information somewhere safe. 
  4. Ask them to keep newspapers picked up and to remove any doorknob flyers. Burglars still use this as a method to see if someone’s home.
  5. Sometimes even the best housesitters forget to turn on your outdoor lights at dusk. Help them out by placing a note by the light switch, sending them a quick (and polite!) reminder text or simply upgrade to a programmable switch
  6. And don’t forget: You can always double-check the status of your alarm while you’re away via our mobile app. 

For more ways to protect your home while you’re away, like our live streaming video monitoringcontact us. We’re happy to help.


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