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Four Unusual Home Security Tips

  • February 19, 2016
  • by Carlos Lopez

Home security is a vital topic. Your home is your castle, so you must prioritize home security. There is a wealth of home security information, but the same tips are found all over the internet. Every website tells you to hire a security firm, lock your doors, and keep your system armed. These are all great tips, but there are other ideas for keeping your home safe. Here are some unique ideas to keep your home secure.  

1. Hide valuables in your kid’s rooms: People often place valuables in their master bedroom. When thieves break into your home the immediately check out the master bedroom. Often they will skip the kid’s room. Hide your valuables in the kid’s room and they will stay safe. 

2. Keep your keys close: If burglar’s come while you are home, a well time car alarm can scare them off. Keep your keys close, and when you hear a suspicious noise mash the panic button. 

3. Pack for a vacation carefully: Thieves watch homes carefully. When they see a family packing for vacation, they plan their break in immediately. Only tell trusted neighbors that you are going on vacation. Do not leave your car packed overnight because burglars will know to attack your home. By packing at the last minute, you avoid being a target. 

4. Hire the right locksmith: Locksmiths will know exactly how to enter your home. Your locksmith must be bonded and insured, and have a great reputation. Keep your home secure by hiring a quality locksmith.

There are many aspects of high-quality home security. You must stay vigilant. Contact us for more advice.


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