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Forget to Set the Alarm?

  • March 22, 2013
  • by Carlos Lopez

Imagine leaving home for a week-long vacation and realizing after arriving at the airport that you forgot to turn on your alarm system. There’s no time to turn around and go back, and you don’t have a neighbor or relative who has access to a spare key. You are completely out of options other than holding your breath and crossing your fingers that your house is secure until you return. Or maybe that was the case several years ago. Now, as Apple says, “there’s an app for that.”

Wirelessly Access Your Security System

Thanks to mobile devices, we can now wirelessly access a variety of tools that help us to manage the most important parts of our day: finding directions to a meeting, staying on schedule, responding to urgent work emails or checking the balance of a bank account. But what about keeping tabs on our most important possessions, or even our home or business? Mobile devices can now help with that too. 

Connect Directly to your home or office

Security Doctors has a way for customers to connect directly to a home or office security system from their Apple, Android or BlackBerry devices. With an app called Total Connect 2.0, customers can accomplish the following, and all from the road: 

  • Enable or disable alarm systems
  • Check on different rooms in a home or office
  • Change the angle of a security camera to display a preferred view on a mobile device screen
  • Receive alerts on alarm system activity and movement in secure areas
  • Set schedules on lights to create an illusion that somebody is home

Next time you’re planning a vacation, just remember: A memory slip doesn’t have to ruin your time away from home and work. It is possible to have a remote control that can magically fix the problem with the push of a button (or touchscreen).


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