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Fend Off Chicago Home Security Scammers

  • August 27, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

Deceptive sales tactics aim to gain entry into our homes. If we allow it, these strangers will alter our systems, retrieve our password, and/or steal from us. Chicago home security residents must keep their manual guard up for door-to-door sales representatives in addition to installing home security.

While some are legitimate sales representatives, others are flat-out fraudulent filled with empty promises, scare tactics, and borderline illegal strategies. How will you know the difference? Take this subsequent advice.

  • Never accept the identification given. Ask for proof of name and company.
  • Ask for license and references. Request the person’s license number and references. Double-check the license with the company and call the references for their experience.
  • Question upfront personal information asked by sales reps. Refuse service if it pertains to finances, medicine, and way-too-personal information.
  • Never pay cash, checks, give credit card numbers to door-to-door salespeople.
  • No matter how forceful or pushy, don’t decide now. Take the information and perform research on the company first. Make sure the company is reputable.
  • Read contracts. Read the contract thoroughly to understand the information and verify the salesperson’s information. You do have the right to amend the contract to specify your terms too. Especially look to see the consequences should you decide to terminate the contract early.

If the salesperson is a scammer, kindly turn this person down. Then, notify loved ones, the company, police, attorney general, better business bureau, and consumer protection agency about the fraud.

Another swindle is using the current system to gain entry into the home. A representative magically knocks on the door and informs them their service needs inspecting, updating, or replacing. Never let these people into your home. Refuse service and contact the company first. Authentic, respected companies call customers about system tweaks before sending someone out. Alternatively, the situation is different if you contacted them for their services. You would expect visitors. You’ll suspect fraud if someone else comes over.

Consumers must pay attention to sudden pop-ups at the door. Protect your home the correct way and trust your gut instincts. Have peace of mind buying a home security system from a sales representative you trust and verify. For more information on home security, contact us.


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