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Face the Problem of Home Security in Chicago and Embrace the Solution

  • February 26, 2016
  • by Carlos Lopez

Sometimes, there are simple steps we can take that result in huge benefits. Securing your home or business with a professional and affordable security system is an example of one of these steps. Especially for Chicago residents, preventing burglaries and property damage is the main benefit gained, but also the peace of mind knowing home and business are safe.


The following annual U.S. statistics have been reported by the FBI Uniform Crime Reports:

  • Approximately 2.1 million burglaries
  • 9.9 Million Property Crimes per year


Homes with security alarms are:

  • 20 times less likely to be burglarized

  • 90% avoided by burglars

  • Protected 24/7


Professional and high quality security system in your home or business prevent burglary, property loss, and worse crimes. Security Doctors have the experience and infrastructure to offer the best security services for the greater Chicagoland area. Customers have also found our solutions affordable and simple to implement.

Securing your home or business is one of those small steps everyone needs to take to ensure the safety of family, workers, customers, friends, and property. The incidences of crime in Chicago are alarming and being naive to the dangers is not a defense against the destruction many criminals bring to innocent Chicago residents every year.

Security Doctors has been serving the greater Chicago area for over three decades and has effective solutions and packages to choose from, suited for home and business applications. Our experienced and professional services also provide personal emergency response systems and 24/7 monitoring.

Don’t let apathy, ignorance, or laziness stop you from contacting us today. Take the small step in order to get the exponential benefits of having a professional security solution.


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