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The Ten Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Chicago

  • December 3, 2018
  • by Carlos Lopez

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods – 77 total defined “community areas” in fact – and some are (far) more dangerous than others.

While you’ll likely not be in immediate danger in downtown or the North side, some parts of the South and West sides are incredibly dangerous at certain times of the day and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

The city of Chicago is eclectic and diverse from the north to the south, from the lakeshore to the Western suburbs, and living and visiting a large metropolitan area like Chicago however can be daunting which is why Security Doctors has put together a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. While homicides are certainly not the only measure of safety and security of a neighborhood, it can provide strong signals about locations where people are at the greatest risk of being the victim of crime. If you’re concerned about the safety of your Chicago home, do consider requesting a home security consultation.

While crime can happen anywhere, knowing the security hotspots will serve you, your friends, and your family well as you choose a new area to live in or tour and travel while visiting one of the great metropolitan areas in the world.

10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Chicago
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1) Austin: 54 Homicides, 239 Wounded
2) Englewood: 45 Homicides, 166 Wounded
3) Garfield Park: 43 Homicides, 215 Wounded
4) North Lawndale: 29 Homicides, 118 Wounded
5) Auburn Gresham: 24 Homicides, 92 Wounded
6) New City: 24 Homicides, 60 Wounded
7) South Shore: 21 Homicides, 65 Wounded
8) West Pullman: 21 Homicides, 64 Wounded
9) Chicago Lawn: 18 Homicides, 50 Wounded
10) Roseland: 18 Homicides, 77 Wounded
Dishonorable Mentions: 
+ Humboldt Park: 17 Homicides, 109 Wounded
+ Little Village: 6 Homicides, 60 Wounded


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