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Business Security Systems In Chicago

  • July 11, 2019
  • by Carlos Lopez

If you own a business, you understand the importance of security. Whether the goal is to prevent shoplifting when your doors are open or deterring burglars after hours, protecting your investment has to be taken seriously.

This is true regardless of where your business is located. Sure, a small business located in a high crime area (see the ten most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago) is at greater risk but many thieves will target businesses in suburbs or even rural areas, knowing that the security will be relaxed. So what steps can you take to improve your business security?

Business Hours

During normal business hours, your main concern is going to be shoplifting. There are many possible ways to improve your business security to deter this threat.

Layout – Where possible, layout your store so that it’s easy for one or two people to keep an eye on the whole store. If there is no corner to hide in, people are less likely to slip something into a coat.

Staff – If your store is too big or there is necessary shelving that prevents one person from seeing everything from the checkout counter, have at least two people in the business at all times. That way, one can organize and restock shelves while also presenting a threat of discovery to potential shoplifters. More than one person in the business also presents a deterrent to armed robbers.

Mirrors – Again, this allows one person to keep an eye on a larger area.

Cameras – Don’t hide them. If they are obvious, people will see them and be less likely to steal if they believe they are being monitored. This again also helps deter armed robbers. Also, if you can’t afford cameras everywhere you would like them, dummy cameras are available that will provide the appearance of surveillance.

After Hours

After you go home for the day, business security needs to be focused on preventing breaking and entering. Unfortunately, based on the testimony of actual burglars, there is no one thing that you can do to prevent people from breaking into your business. The most important thing is to have multiple layers of security, increasing the amount of time to break in as much as possible.

Cameras – In this case, having them outside as well as inside is important. Signs indicating that someone is directly monitoring them will also help.

Alarms – Have signs indicating they are there and make sure they are audible. The louder the better. Anything that draws attention to the area means it will take less time for someone to respond.

Deadbolts/Steel Doors – The stronger your locks and doors, the longer it will take to get inside. Multiple locks are also effective. Also, make sure your doors do not have an exposed latch. Either make sure they swing in with the frame covering the edge of the door or that they are equipped with a latch guard to make it hard to pry the door open with a crowbar.

Windows – Naturally, they shouldn’t open. Depending on where you are located, bars or steel mesh are good options to turn them from attractive break in points to effective deterrents. If you are in a place where such measures would look out of place, consider bullet proof or at least shatter proof glass.

Lights – The cheapest and most common form of night time business security is just leaving the lights on. Doing so makes it much harder for someone to move around in the store at night without anyone noticing.

Business security is no joke no matter the time of day. Implementing any of these suggestions will make your business a less attractive target for thieves. Naturally, the more layers you have the better your business security will be. Setting aside some of your profits to improve your business security will pay back both in terms of peace of mind and securing your investment.

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