Alarm System Benefits for Chicago Business Owners The importance of protecting sensitive data is critical for today's companies

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Advantages of Chicago Small Business Alarm Systems

  • December 7, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

Small businesses are frequently targeted by burglars looking for a quick and easy snatch. Whether it is the merchandise your store contains or sensitive data that can be further utilized for criminal purposes, a small business is often a prime target for criminals when compared to larger businesses or corporations with advanced security systems. 

Overly Intensive Focus on Cyber Security

With all of the recent news about data stolen through remote hacking measures, almost all businesses have gone through extraordinary lengths to ensure digital protection. All of this is worthless if a thief can simply run off with the computers or data server physically in hand. Although most data is usually transmitted to secure, off-site locations, this is not always the case. In any manner you still likely have sensitive information on-site that isn’t stored digitally. According to PC World, “The best cybersecurity measures in the world are useless if a thief breaks into your office and makes off with your computers. You won’t lose any digital data if you’ve followed our advice to back up your computers to secure, offsite locations; but if your business is like most operations, it isn’t entirely digital. You have paper records, including sensitive personal information about your employees.”


Most alarm systems allow for the programming of user access codes into the system and may even allow remote monitoring and control. This control makes it easy to track traffic into and out of the business.

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