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A Chicago Illinois Business Security Company Offers Tips To Protect Against Theft At The Jobsite

  • July 24, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

Security Doctors are reaching out to area builders and contractors affected by theft on the job site. New statistics from a recent survey from Dewalt are saying the construction industry is being hit hard with $1 billion in reported losses just in the United States alone. That is a conservative figure because much loss goes unreported for fear of an increase in insurance rates. If builders and contractors continue to not address the problem, eventually their ability to get insurance will prove difficult. You are responsible for protecting your own assets, and we want to help, so here are some tips on how you can protect what is valuable on your job sites.

    1. Maintain a well-lit job site. Effective lighting is a huge deterrent against theft and vandalism. Plenty of lights will also help the police who patrol that area to keep an eye on things, and help notice anything unusual.


    1. Get friendly with the local police. They will offer advice and give you valuable information when needed about employees, the neighborhood, and what to watch out for.


    1. Designate a security foreman on the job site. Make him responsible for deliveries, controls access to keys, and signs tools in and out. He should do daily checks on tools and materials so any theft is quickly reported to police.


    1. Combat against inside jobs. It is important to know why an employee would steal from you. Maybe the employee is getting back at you for unfair treatment, or workers are taking tools and materials for side jobs. Maybe they are selling them because of low wages. It is a rare moment when a happy, well-paid employee takes anything without permission.


  1. Consider using security devices. Surveillance cameras are an excellent way to record and prosecute thefts. It is also a good deterrent against employees stealing. No one wants to get caught stealing and fired, and being on camera is hard to dispute.

Security Doctors have a wide range of security devices and monitoring systems that will guard against job site theft. Please contact us for an estimate of what would offer the best protection for your individual needs. We are the leading experts of the newest, most advanced home security products as well. At home or for your business, we will work hard to protect your assets. What isn’t stolen today turns into money in the bank tomorrow.


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