How to Talk to Kids About Home Security Discover some real-world guidance for discussing security systems in your home

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5 Tips for Talking to Kids About Home Security

  • October 3, 2016
  • by Carlos Lopez

Whether you live in an area that’s prone to crime, or in an area where break-ins are so uncommon that it’s a jarring reality check when one does occur, you want to be sure that your home security is up to par. Even more importantly, you want to be sure that your kids are familiar with your home security system. Some parents, however, worry that keeping the kids in the loop about the home security system will only frighten them, often unnecessarily. Finding that happy medium requires a different balance for each family, but there are some strategies that can help.

1. Keep it Simple

The more elaborate your escape plan is, the more nervous it’s going to make the kids. When it’s obvious that this is just another strategy that you have in place to keep them safe—like your fire escape plan or their seat belts and car seats in the car—it’s less likely to be frightening.

2. Make it Routine

Every time you get into the car, your kids know that they’re going to be buckled into age-appropriate child restraints. Young children expect to ride in a car seat simply because it’s what they do every time they get in the car. Using your home security system should be just as routine. If you arm the system every time you leave the house, your kids won’t think twice about it.

3. Keep it Age-Appropriate

You know your kids better than anyone else, so only you know what is likely to scare them and what will simply make them think. You don’t have to go into gruesome detail about might happen if someone breaks into the house for your children to understand how to handle an emergency situation. For little ones or kids who are prone to worry, simply start the discussion by saying, “If the alarm goes off after we’re in bed, this is what we’re going to do.”

4. Go Over the Plan

Kids often hear more than you think they do. Older kids, in particular, are often more aware of what is going on around them than their parents realize. Don’t keep your kids in the dark! Take the time to discuss your emergency plans with them. Discuss the measures you’ve taken to keep them safe: strong locks, a home security system that will give the alert if there are intruders, and any other steps that your family has taken. Knowing that you know what to do about an emergency often makes kids feel safer and can help reduce fear.

5. Discuss Their Fears

You can tell when your child is worrying about something. Often, recent events in the news or something that has happened to a friend or family member can trigger worry or even fear. While some kids can sail through a family emergency or bad circumstances in the local community without ever noticing what’s going on, others may be overwhelmed by “what-if” scenarios playing out in their heads.

If you notice your child growing fearful or withdrawn, discuss whatever it is that they’re worried about. Explain how you would respond if the situation were to occur in your home. Sometimes, this may mean answering difficult questions, but if your child is already worrying about the scenario, it’s better to give calm, honest answers than to brush it off.

If you’re ready to install a home security system that will help keep your family safe and provide your kids with an extra layer of security, contact us! We’re happy to answer all of your family’s questions and start providing you with the peace of mind you seek. 



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