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4 Home Security Tips for Illinois Residents

  • January 8, 2016
  • by Carlos Lopez

Illinois is known as the Prairie State, but our homes are as diverse as any in the world From Addison to Zion, from Penthouse to farmstead,  Home Security in Illinois is always a priority. Here are 4 top security tips for protecting your home:

1) Have a Monitored Security System.

Having an alarm system is good, but if it just rings a bell outside your home for hours on end, it will just annoy your neighbors, without deterring criminals. A properly installed monitored system, on the other hand, will ensure that in the event of an incident, emergency responders will be sent to your property without delay. 

2) Always Turn On Your System.

This may sound like unnecessary advice, but how often have we heard something like “but we were only away for 10 minutes.” It only takes moments to set your alarm before leaving the house, and a set alarm ensures the protection of your property. Also, the newer systems have the ability to remotely arm your system if you should by any chance forget to do so, and this adds a further layer of protection that it is worth taking into consideration.

3) Advertise your alarm.

Displaying a sign that your home is protected by a monitored security system has been shown to reduce the likelihood of an intruder even attempting to gain entry. Always ensure that the sign is visible from the street, and not hidden behind foliage or trees.

4) Get The System You Need.

Each home is different, and each home requires a different mix of monitoring devices. Various devices meet different needs, for example, smoke and fire sensors for your vulnerable areas, glass break sensors and motion detectors for your living areas, and window and door contact monitors for entrance ways. 

For a free security consultation just contact us, and our team of experts will be happy to answer all your Home Security questions.


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