Home Security Trends to Watch From voice activated security systems to automated door locks, here are some trends to watch in home security.

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3 Smart Home Security Trends

  • February 5, 2016
  • by Carlos Lopez

Bringing technology into the home is not new news, but controlling all aspects of your house, from lights to the temperature, is revolutionary. With more and more projects that can make your home “smart,” home security is just one component many homeowners are adopting. Here are 3 growing smart home security trends that homeowners enjoy.

1. Automated door locks: Forgot to lock the door, but are already miles away? Smart door locks are the way to go, especially for a busy person or someone who travels often. Whether bluetooth-enabled or controlled through an app on your phone, you can lock or unlock your doors from any location. Available in many designs, and might feature a keypad, remote, or a traditional key in addition to your app.

2. Voice-activated gadgets: From turning on the TV to setting the security alarm, a voice-activated system of gadgets is growing in popularity. As busy families want more efficiency in their lives, a voice-activated system can help them hit every part of their to-do list without the touch of a button. Whether controlled inside the home on a central system, or through a smartphone app, voice-activation is on the rise.

3. Advanced security systems: Nothing can really beat a professional, top-notch security system, which can help you monitor your home 24/7. When paired with smart gadgets, a high-quality security system is your best line of defense, especially if items like your smart lock malfunctions, or if you lose your smartphone (aka, the hub for your smart devices). Homebuyers are looking for the best, technology-forward systems on the market, and Security Doctors provide that type of service to Illinois homeowners. 

Overall, a home equipped with modern technology and smart features provides more safety and security. To make your home smarter and more secure,  contact us today!


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