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3 Reasons Today’s Companies Need a High-Quality Business Security System

  • March 9, 2017
  • by Carlos Lopez

As the owner or manager of a business, you have a lot of responsibility. Both your employees and your customers expect you to keep things running smoothly and to maintain an exceptional level of service. One key component that often gets overlooked is the physical security of your business. Burglary, theft, and natural disasters we never expect to happen, but they do. And when they do, it’s important that your company is prepared.

Here are 3 reasons investing in a high-quality business security system should be one of your top priorities.

1. Security systems help protect customer information.

If you have any sensitive files or data on-site, you want it to be as secure as possible—especially when it comes to your customers’ information. If this data becomes compromised, it can quickly undermine your customers’ trust in your company and even get you in legal trouble. Apologizing to them, telling them that the door was locked when someone broke in, won’t offer much consolation when they realize their private information has fallen into the wrong hands.

Protecting sensitive information is especially important for businesses that keep medical or legal records—whether electronic or on paper. A leak of someone’s private information, such as their name, address, date of birth, or social security number, could be enough to disrupt their peace of mind. In some situations, it may be difficult to determine how much information was compromised, which can be even more disturbing. The best way you can prevent such an occurrence is to make sure your building is adequately secured, inside and out, with a high-quality security system.

2. Security cameras can deter workers from being dishonest.

Having a security system for your company does more than just prevent outside break-ins. It can also protect you from security problems within your business. Even with extensive screening, dishonest employees can find their way into a good company. From slipping money out of a coworker’s purse to stealing inventory or money from cash registers, employee theft can become major a problem. Fortunately, these situations can be prevented by a security system that utilizes cameras throughout the building.

Additionally, it is not just things people steal. Employees can also steal time. They might be on the clock surfing the web or chatting with coworkers while there are still tasks to be done. Well-placed cameras can allow you to check in on employees from time to time, making sure they are performing their duties as expected.

Also, if you have hired outside workers, such as cleaners or repair people, cameras can confirm that they are doing honest and efficient work. Just knowing you have cameras on-site may also dissuade them from snooping around parts of the building where they shouldn’t be.

3. A security system can save you money.

Aside from mitigating risks of burglary and theft, you can also save money on your business insurance. A good business security system can help to lower your premium rate. After all, insurance companies know they are less likely to have to pay damages if your business has taken steps to prevent problems from occurring.

A security system can also help to prevent things such as fires, gas leaks, and freezing pipes, spotting these issues before any serious damage is done. These events can be costly to your business, which makes a good security system well-worth the investment.

These are just three reasons you’ll want to make sure your company is as secure as possible. At Security Doctors, we’re experts when it comes to Chicago business security. Don’t wait until something bad happens to think about investing in a system that could have prevented the problem. Contact us today to set up your free consultation, and we will gladly work with you to customize a security system that suits your company’s needs.



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