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3 Home Security and Safety Tips for Chicago Students

  • March 11, 2016
  • by Carlos Lopez

In recent Chicago news, two Northwestern University students were victims of a home invasion and robbery on February 2, 2016. The robber got into the 2nd floor apartment in Evanston and forced the students to give up their laptops and wallets. While an unfortunate event, the students were safe from injury. But this case is an important reminder for students to think carefully about their  Chicago home or apartment security, whether living on or off campus. To prevent this from happening to you or a student you know, here are some safety tips. 

1. Lock your doors and windows. This can be a hard one, especially for homes or apartments where roommates might be coming in and out. But for everyone’s safety and security, it’s important to make locking the doors and windows a house rule and priority, especially if everyone is away at the same time. If there’s a concern about being locked out, you and your roommates can try to find a secure place to keep the key, or give a spare key to a trustworthy neighbor or friend.

2. Vary your routine. Students are easy targets for burglars because it can be easy to track their routine, especially their class schedule. Though you can’t be late for class and leave later than expected, you can adjust the times you get home. Offer to have study sessions at your place rather than at the library, or come back home for lunch and dinner at different times. If you demonstrate that you’re busy or that your home is a central meeting place, it’s harder for a burglar to track your movements, making you an unlikely target. 

3. Ask your landlord or landlady to consider installing a security system. If you’re renting a home, it can be worth asking your landlord or landlady if they would be willing to have a security system. Not only would renters like you be willing to help pay for the monthly cost, but it can also be a great preventative measure for your landlord to avoid repairs on broken windows and doors, and build a better reputation as a person that provides secure and safe housing. If you live in an apartment building, you could offer to survey other residents to gauge their interest in a security system, and see how many would be willing to pay for a surveillance camera system outside the building or in hallways and elevators. 

As a student, you already have many worries about your classes, grades, work, and more. Don’t let home security be one of them. To get more safety tips, or learn about how our professional expertise and personal attention help your dwelling stay secure, contact us today for a no obligation security analysis.


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