Chicago Burglary Statistics in Focus How Severe is Burglary in Chicago?

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2019 Chicago Burglary Statistics

  • July 11, 2019
  • by Carlos Lopez

Chicago Burglary StatisticsCrime is nothing new to natives of the Chicago area. In fact, most people outside the area have a general impression of Chicago has an area of extremely high crime, though this is based on the headlines concerning the consistently high murder rate. However, the murder rate is a relatively small part of the overall crime committed in the city (check out a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago).

For example, the number of burglaries dwarfs the amount of murders. Let’s take a look at some burglary statistics comparted to other crime.

Chicago Burglary Statistics In Focus

According the Chicago Police Department, as of May 26, 2019 there had been 3530 burglaries city wide as compared with 174 murders and 857 criminal sexual assaults. Year to date, the only crime with more incidents than burglary was theft at over 5000.

Fortunately, the Chicago Police Department breaks burglary statistics down by district and region. By region, the area with the highest burglary statistics is the North Side at 1419 for the same time period. Again, it was only outpaced by theft at over 1700. The area with the lowest burglary statistic is surprisingly the South Side with under a thousand instances of burglary though it is the most common crime in that area. On the South Side, District 006 has the most with 250 burglaries this year.

Per capita, 4.91 people out of every 1000 in the Chicago area are victims of burglary, higher than the national average of 4.3 per 1000. Your chances of being a victim of property crime (a statistic that also includes theft, i.e. someone steals your laptop at the coffee shop) are nearly twice as high as Illinois as a whole.

This doesn’t just include private residences. Nearly 9% of business suffer some kind of burglary or theft.

What does all of this mean? It means that while the burglary statistics are on something of a downward trend – down 17% city wide year to date – it is still far too common. So, what can be done about it?

Naturally, it depends on your needs and what you are allowed to do. If you live in an apartment complex, you naturally won’t be able to set up an exterior camera system. That shouldn’t stop you though from putting motion alarms on your doors and windows to provide warning of break-ins. If you are a homeowner there are many options available that provide round the clock monitoring of your residence.

Business owners should consider indoor as well as outdoor security, employing everything from video monitoring to altering the store layout to discourage theft of any kind.

The bottom line is that burglary statistics will go up and down but unfortunately they are not going away altogether anytime soon. In the meantime, do your research and find some security solutions that fit your budget so you don’t join the statistics.

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